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Undertales of Friendship: Dooooodgebaaaall
Edward sighed as he looked at his packed bags. Being away from home was going to be a welcome thing, and it meant he would have a lot of fun. But it also meant his stories would be on hiatus for awhile.
He looked at the computer. Since starting work on Undertales of Friendship with NGrey it had gotten a lot of attention. He smiled as he sat at it one last time.
"Give everyone something fun to relax with until I come back."
He smiled as he decided, knowing just what to do.
Undyne smiled as he stood on the court with the mares on the other side, each one having playground balls at the ready. She grinned toothily as she stood ready.
"Alright kids, give me your best shot!" She said. One by one each of the fillies and colts let loose with their shots, Undyne working hard to dodge out of the way.
Amazingly, one impacted her foot, everyone staring at Diamond Tiara, who had gotten the throw. She stared in amazement herself.
"Did... did I just..?!" She said, Undyne coming
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Undertales of Friendship: Baby Cakes!
Mr. and Mrs. Cake looked at the device that they had been given by Alphys with curiosity. The cell phone was an impressive gadget to say the least, and it was usable anywhere. Plus it had been modified for pony use. However they had not gotten the full hang of it.
"Well, we have to call the babysitter soon!" Mr. Cake said. "Our train to Las Pegasus will be pulling out in a half hour!"
Mrs. Cake sighed. "Oh relax! I am calling her now.... hmmm... went to voice mail... I'll leave a message." She waited for the beep. "No time to say much, just please hurry to Sugar Cube Corner, and fast, we need you to babysit! The babies are asleep for now, but they will wake up soon!"
She eeped as she saw the taxi arrive, quickly hanging up. The two headed off, knowing Pinkie Pie would do a good job babysitting the little kids.
Except.... if Mrs. Cake knew how to check the call log, she would have seen she did NOT call Pinkie Pie...
A few minutes later, a form walked into the bakery. She bro
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The Most Tsundere of Romances
Frisk smiled as he watched Rainbow Dash flying with the Wonderbolts. He remembered hearing how the fastest flyer of all Equestria got on the team, substituting in whenever a Wonderbolt was unable to make it, and even working with other reserve members to make them better pilots. Today the group was preparing for an up and coming air show, where Rainbow Dash would do her sonic rainboom for a massive crowd.
Frisk smiled as he felt like he was getting a private screening of that show, just for him. With everything that had happened lately with Sombra, Error Sans, and the Completionist Anomaly, not to mention Molestia and even Chara, it was nice to just have a moment to breathe. He was hoping today would be a relaxing day for him and all of his friends.
“Alright kiddo, here it comes, the Sonic Rainboooouuuuhhhhhhhh???”
But that was not to be. All the Wonderbolts suddenly scattered as a decent sized jet airliner wearing a bonnet and having a small mouth under the nose of the pla
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Solomon's Curse by SaintHeartwing Solomon's Curse :iconsaintheartwing:SaintHeartwing 25 4 DU: Silent Interlude, Part 4 by SaintHeartwing DU: Silent Interlude, Part 4 :iconsaintheartwing:SaintHeartwing 2 0 DU: Silent Interlude, Part 3 by SaintHeartwing DU: Silent Interlude, Part 3 :iconsaintheartwing:SaintHeartwing 5 0 DU: Silent Interlude, Part 2 by SaintHeartwing DU: Silent Interlude, Part 2 :iconsaintheartwing:SaintHeartwing 5 0 Pleased to Meet You! Won't You Guess My Name? by SaintHeartwing Pleased to Meet You! Won't You Guess My Name? :iconsaintheartwing:SaintHeartwing 10 2 DU: Silent Interlude, Part 1 by SaintHeartwing DU: Silent Interlude, Part 1 :iconsaintheartwing:SaintHeartwing 2 0
Undertales of Friendship: I AM ERROR
“I can’t BELIEVE you threw glass in his eyes.” Undyne confessed, frowning a bit at Shinedown as the half-Changeling stallion sighed and brushed some of his deep blue hair back. “I mean, that kinda thing’ll blind you for life! I remember when Chara took MY eye out, I mean…geez!”
“I said I was sorry. I mean I didn’t mean it THEN, but I do now.” Chara grumbled quietly. 
“How come you never had that healed?” Shinedown wanted to know as he looked Undyne over, scratching his head as Undyne smirked a bit.
“It makes me look cool.” She said firmly with a big ol’ grin. “Like how you being able to do that thing with your voice is cool. Which reminds me, uh…could you…” She tapped her clawed fingers together, nervously blushing. “…I mean…if you wouldn’t mind? Derpy and Alphys got me REALLY into the show and-”
“Alright. For you.” Shinedown s
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The Bright Side of Eclipsa
Watching our through the rose thorn covered tower Star Butterfly still couldn't fully grasp everything she had been learning today.
When just trying to capture her escaped baby Glossaryck (Don't ask) the Princess of Mewni ended up meeting a mysterious girl in a remote garden at the castle.
And no longer had she had time to say "Hello" to her before suddenly both her mother (The Queen) along with the members of the Magic High Commission had the strange girl surrounded and captured!
Upon asking what was going on Star got a real reality check as he mother told her that the kind stranger actually was Eclipsa, a former Mewni Queen that had also been known as "The Queen of Darkness" to the Mewni legends!
Barley had Star had time to ask questions like "Why is she here?" or "I thought she was gone and missing?" before she herself was forced to do a series of tests in order to see if she had any "Evil" inside of her.
Apparently this Eclipsa seemed to be so dangerous that her mother was demandin
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The Natrix Before Christmas by SaintHeartwing The Natrix Before Christmas :iconsaintheartwing:SaintHeartwing 3 3
Mercy Detached from Justice Grows Unmerciful: END
Garamond was truly "big-boned" in every sense of the word. He wore large shoulder pads atop his thick, skeletal frame, a huge breastplate over his chest, which was puffed out and proud, his cape flowing down his back as he rested his immense, gauntlet-wearing hands upon the podium before him, and stood tall and resolute at the witness stand. The skeletal monster looked squarely at Gaster, who was quietly shivering, Frisk gently passing him a cup of tea which he nervously took in one holey hand, taking a small sip. 
"Cookies?" The little human added as they lifted up a small plate of chocolate chip cookies to match. "Ms. Toriel passed them to me. She's waiting outside in the hall with Papyrus and Asgore and Alphys and...and everyone else. They're waiting to be called in as character witnesses. We're doing everything we can." 
"...cookies and tea." Gaster spoke softly, looking over the small chocolate chip cookie in his hand, turning it over slightly. "...cookies and tea. Mothe
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Mercy Detached from Justice Grows Unmerciful, Pt.3
Gaster let out a long yawn, smacking his lack of lips as he squinted a bit before noticing his glasses had fallen off...and that someone had put a blanket on him. Hand-knitted, warm, fuzzy and with a big, distinctly grinning smiley face on the top. He blinked a bit, feeling over the soft texture with his hands before a nice cup of hot coffee was put down next to him, and another human sat next to him, looking cheerily at him.
This human appeared to be mixed blood, an Asian American. The skin color and shape of the face indicated a rich Asian heritage, though it was difficult for Gaster to place whether it meant Chinese, Japanese or perhaps even Korean or Taiwanese. The hair color though was a distinct brown color, and rather long, and they were wearing and overly large blue and purplish-striped long sleeve shirt, rubbing their own eyes with one hand, the other holding a cup of hot cocoa.
"For you." the human said. Gaster wasn't quite sure whether they were a boy or a girl. He supposed
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Mercy Detached from Justice Grows Unmerciful, Pt.2
"I remember my mother Arial telling me she loved the rain. That I was created in the rain. My origin was uniquely tied to it, and that's one of the reasons, I suppose, I loved it so much. 
When it rains, there's a strange electricity that sizzles in the air. The atmosphere changes, you can feel it coming, and then...then, everything becomes so much quieter, muffled. Most headed inside. Not I. I'd wrap my scarf around my neck, and get my glasses on, and I'd go out, out into the storms with my umbrella. 
I would feel as though all my worries had faded away, muffled by the big quilt of sound that came from the rain pouring around me. The pitter-patter of rain droplets on my umbrella was a soothing white noise to me, and I'd just spent hours just...standing and listening and talking to the rain. Thinking out loud. Dreaming away, me, the rain, and my little personal shelter.
I would prefer, though, when I could, to spend my time under the rain out in the fields in the large town I
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Mature content
A Vampiric Transformation :iconsaintheartwing:SaintHeartwing 1 0


Our Little Secret by QueenDanny Our Little Secret :iconqueendanny:QueenDanny 37 3 Therapy help by joselyn565 Therapy help :iconjoselyn565:joselyn565 150 28 My Valentine by QueenDanny My Valentine :iconqueendanny:QueenDanny 25 4 Pokemon Sun and Moon- Buzzwole Flex by Darkus17 Pokemon Sun and Moon- Buzzwole Flex :icondarkus17:Darkus17 3 0 MIDNIGHT OWL: CITY OF GHOSTS (P1) by MidnightOwl07 MIDNIGHT OWL: CITY OF GHOSTS (P1) :iconmidnightowl07:MidnightOwl07 24 8 Armstrong and Buzzwole Rock Z-Pose by Cryomancer-Hyozan Armstrong and Buzzwole Rock Z-Pose :iconcryomancer-hyozan:Cryomancer-Hyozan 8 2 owl assassin by Thatknuxandsilverfan owl assassin :iconthatknuxandsilverfan:Thatknuxandsilverfan 4 3
School of anthro part 7
Warning soft vore read at your risk
It was a cold blizzard night the blizzard blew wildly without ends, the snow fell without ends, the winds blew wildly in the area, all out door classes were canceled because of the weather, all the students had the day off. Most of the humans on the other hand weren’t enjoying their break, they felt so alone in the school since their were few humans in the school and was mostly anthro students, Ben was sitting in the cafeteria alone feeling so defenceless against everybody he was slowly making friends but he was still shy around everyone else. One of the cooks were watching young Ben she had much worry in her eyes she walked out of the kitchen and walked up to him, “may I sit here?” she said, Ben turned around to see a giant dragon or dinosaur she had dark blue scales, dark red underbelly, she seemed to be chubby or something, she had a long tail, soft green eyes, “sure” Ben said.
She sat next to him and placed her tail
:icondeathwatcher123:Deathwatcher123 10 10
School of anthro part 6
Warning soft vore read at your risk
It was a cold rainy day the winds blew wildly, the rains fell without ends, the sun didn’t shine this day, all the students were stuck inside but the classes continued as normal, you were getting ready for a break but it was going to happen today. Vorlina had requested for you to help her class today you agreed so it wasn’t going to be all bad three other humans would attend with you and some friends you had were going to be in the class, you didn’t know who would be the predators and you didn’t know the other three humans but you would meet them first before the class.
Ben was getting ready for Vorlina’s class but he couldn’t deny he was afraid since he didn’t know anyone else but Vorlina and Blaze, Vorlina was also getting ready for class but she was worried about Ben she could feel his fear. Vorlina picked him up and hugged him to her chest and started purring softly, “don’t worry everyone in m
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School of anthro-SaintHeartwing arrival
It was a cold rainy day outside the winds blew wildly, the rains fell without ends to when nobody knows, the clouds weren’t leaving any time soon, Saint was running through the rain trying to find a high school. He had been accepted at a special high school but he was having a hard time trying to find it but he didn’t stop looking, he fell to the ground feeling all his energy disappear and all his body temperature lowering at a drastic rate, his eyes slowly closed passing out in the cold rain.
Awhile later
Saint’s eyes slowly opened seeing he was in a type of garden, “I’m glad to see your awake little one” a voice said, he looked behind him to see a humanoid plant and it was female by the tone of its voice it had vine like fingers, snake lowers body, vine tentacles with venus flytrap mouths on the ends. Saint started shaking seeing something he had never seen before and it was holding him in its coils, “it’s okay no harm will come to you
:icondeathwatcher123:Deathwatcher123 9 10
Red Bull gives you wings (FNAF comic) by TheGoldenAquarius Red Bull gives you wings (FNAF comic) :iconthegoldenaquarius:TheGoldenAquarius 38 28 WereSpider's Web [Commission] by ConnorDavidson WereSpider's Web [Commission] :iconconnordavidson:ConnorDavidson 49 4 Dib Stink by Foxbeast Dib Stink :iconfoxbeast:Foxbeast 16 5 2017 Xmas pic by Foxbeast 2017 Xmas pic :iconfoxbeast:Foxbeast 29 9 Saintheartwing Secret Santa! by LilShock Saintheartwing Secret Santa! :iconlilshock:LilShock 8 2


Edward sighed as he looked at his packed bags. Being away from home was going to be a welcome thing, and it meant he would have a lot of fun. But it also meant his stories would be on hiatus for awhile.

He looked at the computer. Since starting work on Undertales of Friendship with NGrey it had gotten a lot of attention. He smiled as he sat at it one last time.

"Give everyone something fun to relax with until I come back."

He smiled as he decided, knowing just what to do.


Undyne smiled as he stood on the court with the mares on the other side, each one having playground balls at the ready. She grinned toothily as she stood ready.

"Alright kids, give me your best shot!" She said. One by one each of the fillies and colts let loose with their shots, Undyne working hard to dodge out of the way.

Amazingly, one impacted her foot, everyone staring at Diamond Tiara, who had gotten the throw. She stared in amazement herself.

"Did... did I just..?!" She said, Undyne coming over and ruffling her mane.

"Not bad kid! You're getting better!" as she went to get her stuff, Monster Kid and Silver Spoon came over, as well as the CMC.

"Wow Tiara! That was a pretty sweet kick there!" Scootaloo said, making Diamond blush.

"Aw come on guys, I'm hardly the most athletic of us all. I just got lucky?"

Silver Spoon blinked. "Was it just me, or did I just hear you being humble?!" She winked, making everyone laugh. Monster Kid chuckled.

"I never get over playing dodge ball. It's a lot of fun! Frisk is really good at it too. No one EVER hits him!"

Apple Bloom blinked. "Never?!"

Undyne, hearing the question, laughed. "HA! Let me put it to you this way: I launched a near bullet hell assault on the kid, and not one spear even got close. Trust me, that kid has mad dodging skills. But I also agree that dodgeball is an awesome sport." She blinked some. "Hey, that's an idea there! I should round up our friends and have a big dodge ball tournament!"

Scootaloo nodded. "That sounds awesome!" We could make up some teams and just go all out with it!"

Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara nodded. "Yeah! Count us in for sure! And you can count on mom and dad to finance the whole thing, make it a big event!"

Undyne smiled broadly. "Great! Alright everyone, let's make this happen!"

And three weeks later, at a newly built stadium outside of Canterlot.... it was about to!


"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Welcome beauties and gentlebeauties, to the first official Equestria Dodgeball Tournament!!!!"

Cheers rang out as Mettaton EX appeared on the magical jumbotron, beside co-anchor (Due to chaos magic being outlawed) Discord. Said Equuis chuckled and waved.

"Indeed Mettaton! And we got a few teams here ready to go all out for the coveted title of Dodgeball Wizards! So let's introduce the teams!"

Mettaton nodded. "Agreed! Let's start with the youngest team, led by team captain Frisk and featuring the Cutie Mark Crusaders, as well as the underworlds own Chara and Asriel, I present The Dodgeball Crusade!"

Frisk and the others came out in light blue Jumpsuits featuring the three cutie marks of the CMC, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon serving as their cheering section.

Discord smiled: "Next, hailing from the Badlands, and led by team captain, her royal highness Chrysalis, the Changeling Chargers!!!!"

Everyone cheered as Chrysalis entered in a green and black suit, flanked by her changelings, her young daughter Pupa cheering by several other little hatchlings.

Mettaton smiled. "Next up, Led by Asgore himself, and featuring the Royal Guard, here comes the Rising Redemption!"

Appearing in a blue uniform embodying the Delta Rune, Asgore raised his trident, forming it into a red ball, and with a mighty throw from it and several other strong throws from Undyne, Papyrus, Toriel, and the two Armored Guards, a massive target exploded, sending in fireworks to the sky.

Discord smiled. "Quite the display! But next, flying in, and led by Spitfire herself, the fine flying force themselves, the WONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDERBOLTS!"

Spitfire led the group to the landing spot, smiling as she looked at Gilda and Derpy, recruited to fill the final slots for the team. Derpy especially made the crowd awe as her natural clumsiness made her able to dodge several well placed shots.

"Wonderful! But next is Pinkie Pie and Muffet, leading the silliest team of the group.... the Party Pouncers!"

Muffet smiled as she and Pinkie were flanked by cheese Sandwich, Sans, Gummi, and Mufet's pet cupcake spider Sprinkles, all wearing pink outfits embroidered with cupcakes. Everyone laughed as they set off a couple party cannons.

"Next," Discord said. "Our own rulers of Equestria, united as one on he field. We give you the Alicorn Army!"

Everyone cheered as Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Cadence, accompanied by Shining Armor and Spike, took the field, smiling. All were wearing the symbol of Equestria on their uniforms.

"Next, the team with home field advantage! No need to say too much, just introducing the Apple Acres Atoms!"

Applejack smiled as she led the way, Big Mac and Rarity right behind, along with Vinyl Scratch, Rainbow Dash, and Cranky Doodle Donkey, all in rustic overalls adorned with three apples.With them was the Applegamate, who shot several apple buddies into the stands, said buddies snuggling up with some young filles to watch,

"And finally, led by Prince Blueblood and representing the aristocracy, The Uppercrusts!"

Everyone watched as out came Blueblood, Fancypants, Fleur De Lis, And a big shock as Diamond Tiara entered the field with her mom and dad. Her mom smiled at her.

"Honestly Diamond Tiara, this was a capital idea! I recall doing dodgeball myself as a filly. Part of the reason my nose was bent."

Fancypants chuckled. "I cannot wait to show off my stuff. We will show these other teams what the upppercrusts can do!" he showed off the team uniform, a Rarity design adorned with gems.

Mettaton smiled. "Now, our official judge for our tournament, I give you the one and only, My creator, everyone's favorite scientist, ALLLLLLLLPHYS!"

Alphys emerged, everyone cheering, and Undyne giving her a wolf whistle. Alphys blushed as she explained the rules of the game. It was standard dodgeball fair, hit a person to knock them out, catch it to bring someone back, no hits to private areas, and no leaving your own territory. But there were some added rules restricting flying and magic, and allowing ponies to kick the ball, allowing it to count as a throw or block. Once done, the pairings were made.

The games began in earnest!

Changling Chargers vs. Uppercrusts *

As the first game was underway, Chrysalis expected an easy fight from the snooty ponies, but was sorely mistaken as the fancy ponies immediately grabbed three of the available five balls and went at it full force. Chrysalis had to dodge carefully as the fancy ponies lined up.

"I say everyone, time for our special shot!" Fancypants said, He and Diamond and Filthy Rich sent their balls in the air, only to be spiked downward by High Horse.

"Nose Up Throwdown!" She shouted, the three balls impacting the Changeling side with incredible speed. Chrysalis was able to dodge, but two of her changelings were hit and sent to the benches. Chrysalis blinked.

"Well now, things just got very interesting!" She said, smiling. She shot back, firing her shots at Fleur De Lis, who was outed easily, but the other shots were going wide. Diamond soon made an incredible play as she threw for Chrysalis.

It just barely hit her on the horn, which still counted.

"What the?!" Chrysalis said in shock, As Diamond was again stumped at her luck, enough that she got pelted and taken out. But by then the winner was clear. Chrysalis chuckled as she went to the bench, the match over before she sat. The Uppercrusts had shown they were not to be underestimated. Chrysalis afterwards smiled especially at Diamond Tiara.

"Well played little princess." She said, smiling. "Well played."

Diamond smiled at her parents, her mom and dad disgusted some at the sweat, but glad they won the first match.

Crusaders vs. Party Pouncers *

As the second match got on its way in earnest, it was clear it was going to be a one sided affair. While the Crusaders and the kids did their best, it was clear that the bigger ponies and Sans and Muffet were having them outmatched.

But they still had to worry about Frisk. Every time someone would get out, Frisk just caught the ball and brought them back. Frisk was keeping the team alive, dodging like mad.

"heh, not bad kid.... but try dodging this." He raised his hand, the Gaster Blaster taking the ball. "don't start BALLING on me for this kid."

"NOW CHARA!" Frisk called, he and Scootaloo set up with their shots.

"Supersonic...." Scootaloo said, kicking the ball to Chara. Chara caught it and, spinning with the momentum and building speed, let it fly into the party ponies.

"STRIKER!" Chara finished, everyone dodging except ironically Sans, who was nailed with the blast and sent right to the bench. Chara smiled and everyone cheered at the sight.

"Nice one guys!" Apple Bloom said. "Our turn Asriel!"

Asriel nodded, Asriel sending it high in the air, Apple Bloom knocking it hard at Pinkie Pie with a headbutt. But her aim was off, the ball hitting Gummi instead.

"GUMMI!" She called, but to everyone's shock, the bal was still in his toothless mouth. Technically, it was still a catch, and Sans came back in.

"way to go and gator!" Sans said, patting Gummi. Gummi blinked.

"Nice shots kids!" Cheese Sandwich said. "But we don't intend to lose. We got a little surprise. Everyone! Let's do it!"

Muffet chuckled. "Fuhuhuuhuhuhu! I love this part!" She smiled as she stood behind, holding Gummy and Sprinkles, Pinkie, Sans, and Cheese all standing ready. AND ALL HAD PARTY CANNONS.

"Oh no." Chara said. He knew what was coming. Only some of the cannons would shoot actual balls...

"Confetti Confusion Caboom!" Muffet shouted, pulling all the cannon cords at once, three balls sent at the Crusaders. It was hopeless to catch them and even more hopeless to dodge. In a flash, the balls bounced off all six Crusaders, and the match was over.

Frisk smiled, glad at least it was a fun match, everyone nodding in delight.

Redemption vs. Wonderbolts *

Asgore knew that being big on the field made him also somewhat of a target, and the high impact kicks from the Wonderbolts and their skill shot, the Sonic Burst, made it hard to keep up. But that was the point. As Asgore was taking the majority iof the shots and catching them, he was letting his team get ready for the counter attack. Undyne smiled as he got out one big bone.


Undyne nodded as the Royal Guards, Toriel, and Undyne setup. Asgore smiled some as he stepped away.


As the four threw the balls at Papyrus, he hit them into the Wonderbolt field with intense power. The wonderbolts dodged like professionals, but the big surprise was the balls would bounce in such a way that they came back, Papyrus swinging again in a new spot. Against such an attack the Wonderbolts went surprisingly quickly, all in shock.

From the sidelines, Rainbow vowed to avenge them.

Alicorn versus Triple A.... Damn. *

Applejack was certainly not the favorite of this match, but he got a lot of cheers as her team tood ready. She smiled at Twilight and the other rulers.

"To a good match Applejack." Celestia said with a bow.

"You too." She replied, bowing as the balls materialized. The resulting battle was heated. Celestia and Luna might have been wonderful rulers and very powerful, but in the end Rainbow Dash made good work of them.Soon it was down to Twilight and Shining Armor.

"Twily, I think we are in big trouble here!" He said, just dodging another Rainbow shot. Twilight smiled.

"Not to worry, I planned this.. Everyone else has great offensive moves... But mine are defensive." She smiled and stood ready as Rainbow Dash let fly with her Rainboom Bang, her signature shot.

Just as Twilight hoped.

"Sorry Rainbow Dash, but we are in this to the end!" She and Shining Armor readied their magic. "Reflection Ricochet!"

Rainbow went wide eyed as her shot suddenly went through a magical tube and reflected back at her. The force sent her into the stands, right by the hayburger guy.

"Ummm... Hot and fresh Hayburger?" He asked.

Reluctantly, Rainbow took at as she watched her team start to fall. But soon it was down to Applejack and Fluttershy against Twilight and Spike.

Spike let loose with all he had, trying to get Fluttershy, but as she ducked to dodge, her wings bent in such a way that she caught the ball.

"WHat the?!" Spike said, watching as Rainbow let Big MAc come back in. Applejack nodded to Fluttershy, then turned to her friend.

"Sorry Twi, but this ends now!" Applejack and Big Mac stood by one another, both hitting the ball hard for Twilight. Twilight ducked... But was wide eyed as Spike leapt in front of her, catching it!

"Wha?!" Applejack said, but Big Mac smiled.

"Nice Spike." He said. Spike had one shot at most, knowing he could not do that again, and watched as Luna re-entered. He had an idea.

"Princess... Can you help me with a shot?"

Luna blinked as suddenly Spike blew flames on the ball, everyone gasping as the smoke appeared before Luna. She went wide eyed as the ball formed, forcing it forward at full speed!

"Lunar Launch!" She shouted, as the ball slammed into the two last Apples, ending the match. Rainbow sighed, but smiled. Spike deserved to be the winner this time, though she gave an eyebrow at Rarity complaining about her hooves.

"Oh brother..."

Semifinals: Redemption vs. Uppercrust *

Again Asgore and his team went to work with their signature shot, and Prince Blueblood and his fancy team had no way to counter it. Soon Everyone fell prey to the ball barrage except Diamond Tiara, who was running scared. But High Horse called out to her daughter.

"You can do it Diamond! Focus on the shot!"

Diamond was so scared she couldn't... until she saw it bouncing back. With all she could muster she grabbed the ball, knocking it down. She looked at the odds. All of her team was gone except her, but she was facing the full Team Redemption.

Diamond gritted her teeth and let fly her first shot, but this time she didn't aim at Asgore. Everyone was stunned as, suddenly, Papyrus was smacked in the head with the ball, both head and ball flying, the skull landing in Undyne's hands.


Everyone laughed at the joke, But Diamond did not let up. She focused away from Asgore from now on, and soon had out the Royal guards as well as a good hit on Undyne. That left just Toriel and Asgore, who smiled.

"Nicely done Diamond. But it ends here." Asgore said, grabbing a ball. He and Toriel each held it, then focused on Diamond.

"Ball Blazing!" They shouted, sending the ball at her. She went to catch it, but it knocked her back. She dropped it at the last second. Still everyone was on their feet, the little filly doing quite well on her own.

She saly approached her mom, expecting another lecture on winning, but High Horse and Filthy Rich only smiled.

"You did well." Her mother said. It was one of the kindest things she had told Diamond, and the little filly began to cry, hugging her mom. Filthy looked to Blueblood, who was still pouting.

"Guess some high class ponies grow up quicker than others." He said. He turned to the rest of the team,. "Come on everyone, I got a private booth in case we did not win, and we will watch the final match!"

Semi-Finals: Alicorns vs Party Pouncers *

Party Cannons and magical blasts filled the stadium as the round progressed, but no one noticed two latecomers as they sat on the high end of the stands. ERROR_SANS and Sombra materialized, watching the battle between Pinkie and Twilight especially unfold, ERROR finding it rather humerus.

God did I just type that.

"Yes, you did." Sombra said to Edward, breaking the fourth wall yet again. "And tell Darkus that if he is going to be a repair pony he needs to.."

"Quiet, Sombra." ERROR said, eating some rather odd looking popcorn. "I'm watching."

Sombra sighed. "Why are we not ATTACKING."

ERROR smiled some. "You think I would resist watching a game where the point is to dodge shots and beat the opponent with your own?"

Sombra thought on that. "You got a point. Pass the popcorn!"

Down on the field, Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie wheeled a Cannon over. Muffet blinked.

"You two sure about this?" She asked.

Cheese nodded. "It's crazy enough op work." he turned to Pinkie Pie and kissed her. "In case I don't come back."

Pinkie Pie blushed and hugged, giving one of her own. "That was in case you do." She said, the two smiling as Cheese climbed into the cannon. Twilight blinked... but then saw what they were up to.

"Look out!" she cried, but it was too late as Cheese was fired out, two balls in hoof.

"Kamikaze Klown Kannon!" Cheese said, firing his shots at Luna and Spike,making the last game winning shot impossible. He then landed deep in the territory, making him be out as well. Pinkie cheered as the plan worked.

Twilight looked to Luna, knowing the had to use their trump card now. As the next shot came, the two focused. With a smile, the ball split among a dozen illusions, the balls returning at the remaining players.

"Uh ohhhhhhhhhhhh...." Pinkie managed to get out. she reached for what she thought was a ball, but was hit by the real one on her back leg. Muffet fell prey to a similar blast, until finally only Gummi was left.

Everyone stared as a ball rolled up to him. He suddenly turned and whacked the ball with his tail...

Then walked out of play. It was humorous to the very end, everyone laughing hard. Pinkie and cheese smiled at each other as they reunited, the duo deciding to go have a little... them time.

The final round was about to begin.


ERROR was laughing some, and Sombra chuckled. The match had been too hilarious for words!

"Say author.... think we can arrange a brief exhibition match? WE promise no HORSE play."

Sombra nodded.

Well..... Alright. What do you have in mind?

"Just let Mettaton find this paper." He held up a paper airplane. With a sudden wind burst, down it flew into the media box, the two announcers holding it and reading it carefully.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH! Seems we got us a little exhibition planned before the final match! Two villians have requested a fight between one another, each taking one partner! Does the audience agree?"

Everyone cheered. Discord smiled.

"Excellent! ERROR_SANS, Sombra, enter and choose your partners!"

ERROR came first. "Well, truth be told, I would not feel right if I did not have a bro with me. Papyrus, I choose you!"

Papyrus entered the field, smiling, while Sans was trying to figure out what was happening. ERROR explained.

"Let's just say this is a temporary truce for a bit. Even we like to... have a ball?"


Sombra soon entered. "My pick then. And if she wills it there can be only one choice. Princess Luna, will you fight alongside me for this match?"

Luna blinked. "No tricks?"


"Then... I agree."

Everyone cheered as Luna entered the field. Sombra turned to the fourth wall.

"NGrey, the Mondopony Megalovania mix for this match please!"

(Insert answer here)

Exibition: ERROR vs. SOMBRA! *

As the balls appeared, the match of the day truly began, as the two were easily evenly matched. Papyrus was a good dodger while Sans could throw very well, while Luna and Sombra proved to be equally skilled. Everyone was on their feet as the match progressed, easily a good warm up for the finale. The sounds of the crowd filled the air, and the shouts from the players echoed it. For this moment, it was not about the agendas any side had. It was about the game and enjoying it, and for this moment they did indeed.

Sombra and Luna used their magic to send dark energy balls at ERROR, but one was caught while the others whizzed by. It was the opening he was looking for.

ERROR looked to Papyrus and smiled. "Time to combine our signature shots!"

Papyrus watched as a bloated Gaster appeared, shooting a ball to Papyrus, while Papyrus let it fly with his Bone Bat. It was as if they read each other's mind. This shot made everyone gasp as the world went dark, then when the bat hit the world exploded in a fireworks!

"Skelebrother SLAMMER!" They said in unison, Luna wide eyed as Sombra was about to take the shining ball at full force. But Sombra soon shifted out of the way, the ball just missing.

"Too close!" He said. "BUT NOT CLOSE ENOUGH EITHER!" He laughed, looking to Luna. "Unleash the Nightmare Luna, let's do this for the night!"

Luna nodded, into the match now, turning briefly into Nightmare Moon, a certain little foal cheering on seeing his favorite leader again. Little Pips cheering encouraged Nightmare and Sombra as they made THEIR final shot ready, three balls, levitating in a dark miasma. Error and Papyrus were wide eyed as they focused.

"When one encounters the force of pure night..." Sombra said, spinning the three faster and faster....

"... Deep within shines an ethereal light!"

The balls began to shine as they fired out, the force so great that it seemed to ignite and bring light.

"LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS!" They shouted, the two skele bros (sort of) unable to do a thing as the blows sent them flying. Everyone cheered as the light came back up, Sombra wide eyed at the cheering.

"Hmmm.... First time I recall this happening." he turned to Luna. "Well played Luna. Another time we will be enemies... but today let us part as friends, if possible."

Nightmare Moon smiled, and extended a hoof. "I hope Frisk is right about you Sombra. I truly do." She left, while ERROR was helped up by Papyrus, the dark Sans laughing.

"So worth it. That was SOOOOOOO worth it Paps." He smiled and shook his brother (sort of)'s bony hand. "Facing you in the future will be tough... but when we do fight, give me your all ok?"

Papyrus was confused but nodded all the same as he and Sombra left, cheers echoing in the stadium. Sombra turned to ERROR. "Any reason why we did that, but the way?"

ERROR smiled. "Just one. To thank NGrey for letting us in on the story."

The two left as the final match got ready to begin.

FINAL ROUND: Redemption vs. Alicorn! *

As the whistle blew for the final match, everyone was still pumped up from the final match last time. As the final round waged, shots fired back and forth. The royal guards were out first, followed by Shining Armor and Spike. Undyne wen next toprotectr Toriel, the down went Twilight. Papyrus let fly a sweet shot that got Cadence, but soon was out himself as a blow hit his back.

That left the rules of both Equestria and the Underground.

They faced each other, each holding a ball. This moment signified the union between the races, that in this place, in this time, they could do this. They could have fun together, regardless of who they were or where they were from. As the four looked around the stadium, this feeling echoed through the onlookers, a place united, totally and completely, even if only for a moment, where conflict could be settled with something as simple as this.

With a smile in their SOULS and energy for the final encounter, the four let their shots fly.

But it didn't matter who won in that moment, just that for that time, they enjoyed a game together, all of Equestria and beyond.

The only question I leave the readers with is this... .who DID win that final round?

Undertales of Friendship: Dooooodgebaaaall
A nice, relaxing little "breather" episode. Our friends and our foes all gather together for a nice, fun game of Dodgeball. And you're all gonna NEED this breather along with the next one because the three-parter after this is SERIOUSLY MESSED UP. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cake looked at the device that they had been given by Alphys with curiosity. The cell phone was an impressive gadget to say the least, and it was usable anywhere. Plus it had been modified for pony use. However they had not gotten the full hang of it.

"Well, we have to call the babysitter soon!" Mr. Cake said. "Our train to Las Pegasus will be pulling out in a half hour!"

Mrs. Cake sighed. "Oh relax! I am calling her now.... hmmm... went to voice mail... I'll leave a message." She waited for the beep. "No time to say much, just please hurry to Sugar Cube Corner, and fast, we need you to babysit! The babies are asleep for now, but they will wake up soon!"

She eeped as she saw the taxi arrive, quickly hanging up. The two headed off, knowing Pinkie Pie would do a good job babysitting the little kids.

Except.... if Mrs. Cake knew how to check the call log, she would have seen she did NOT call Pinkie Pie...


A few minutes later, a form walked into the bakery. She brought with her a bunch of baking supplies, and several little assistants.

All with eight legs.

"Mr. and Mrs. Cake?" Muffet called. She was stunned she had been called for babysitting rather than Pinkie Pie, especially since all she was doing was throwing a party for Vulkin, and…as a result…having a really hot time. Not to mention she had that order for Queen Chrysalis herself to fill.

"Hello? Sorry I have to bring work with me while I babysit, but I have a big order!" She looked about, blinking all five eyes. She sighed. "I don't get it. Why would they contact me? Ah, no matter... maybe I can eat them as pay, fuhuhuhuhu!" She giggled. "Nah, I couldn't do that to the little ladybugs. They are TOO cute to eat!" She hmmed and went to check on them.

Sure enough, just as the message said, they were asleep in their crib. They looked like little eclairs the way they slept, and Muffet awwed alongside her spider friends.

"Now that is a ponified pint of prettiness right there." Muffet said as she kissed each baby. "Mmmmm..... pumpkin and sugar, rather tasty." she aid, giggling. Well, no matter, I will make that cake for Queen Chrysalis while they sleep.

She headed back downstairs, and cracked all four of her knuckles. Nearby a spider hit the music, the others ready to bake.

"Alright everyone, time to do our dance!"

She smiled and sang to the music:

Hey there spiders, no need to sit so lazy 
Time to get up and time to get crazy,
Stand and shout out,
Let's all do the Spider Dance!

Time for baking, time for pastry making!
get ready for a fun undertaking
Fun fun yum yum!
Time to do our Spider Dance!

Dance all about, work those buggies out
We have a lot of pastries to make out
Time for tasties!
Stuff that makes us spiders dance!

Grab the cook book, give it a longing look,
Let's make something worthy of a master cook!
Fun Fun YUM YUM!
Let's all do our Spider Dance!

Here we go! 
Swing your arms from side to side,
side to side, 
far and wide,

don't ever let both your feet touch the ground,
move them round, 
with the sound,

With every single dance step that we make,
That we take,
we will bake

A treat that only comes from skills enhanced,
BY performing our hungry Spider Dance!

Bake and simmer, cook and saute,
none we catch will escape this fate,
Yummy and tasty, made not too hasty
Cooked so yummy while we dance

For I am Muffet, Spider Queen,
And I love,
My Baking!
So if you want to be a tasty treat,
Come and join in our fun Spider Dance!

As the music played, Muffet danced about, her spiders giving her all kinds of yummy ingredients, dancing about as they were mixed up int he most amazing manner possible. Baking was an art for her, like for Toriel, and her dance was the key to maing it great. But even as she danced she imagined so many of her friends, young and old, made into a feast for her and her spiders, and the thought made her mouth water…

Just waltz on in and lie on down,
On my pretty web,

And if you want, I'll transform you
Into a pastry sweet,

You'll mix and bake, into a cake
yummy as can be,

And if I do, a real good job,

Yum yum yum,
put you in my tum tum tum
Will that not be fun fun dun
when you join in my spider dance,

What you say,
Now you want to get a way,
Well I think it's far to late,

I'm just kidding, I would never hurt you,
But I'd love to make a dessert for you
So sit and watch
As we do our Spider Dance!

Watch and you'll see, something real amazing
A treat to make tastebuds sing!
And the secret
Is my upbeat Spider Dance!


Muffet sang on like this, her spiders twisting and turning, and with every move a delicious looking batch of chocolate cake batter was being put together, enough to feed a whole family.... or a queen with a big appetite. But the smell was simply overwhelming. When finally the music stopped, Muffet's chocolate batter was ready to bake. Nearby, several sugar coated spiders were ready to dive in, to give the treat that extra sweet zing it needed. Some might complain, but if they did not know what was in it, they would love it. And have!

She giggled as she poured the batter into the biggest cake pan she had. For a moment, she swore she heard a whee sound, but figured it was likely the spiders she had put in. She smiled as she set it in the big oven to bake for awhile, hmming a tune while she went to check on the kids. But first.

"Now little ones, be sure when that cake is done to take it out right away and quick cool it. I told Chrysalis to pick up the order here, so we cannot keep her waiting! She should be here any minute, so be sure it is fully baked and decorated." She smiled as she danced her way upstairs, humming the tune to her dance. As she went, she smiled, pausing for a moment as she tried to figure out how much she would make from this particular sale. Chrysalis had promised a substantial amount, and Muffet could not wait to count the bits. As she shivered in anticipation, she opened the door to the foals room.

"Pumpkin? Pound? You awake?" She asked. She blinked, noticing that this time there was not even the sound of snoring from the kiddos. She carefully walked over to the crib....


"Pumpkin?! POUND!?" She shouted, suddenly very scared. She looked about, searching every corner of the nursery, trying desperately to find them, overturning all kinds of furniture in fear, her five eyes wide.

Ohnonononononononononononononononononono!" She said, skittering about, leaving web everywhere in her fright as several of her spiders walked in, carrying a huge haul of bits.

The bits.



"I baked the babies into a cake!" Muffet said, wide eyed. "Quickly my little spiders, Chrysalis took the cake right?"

One nodded.

"Where did she take it?!"

The spiders reformed the shape of a train. Muffet went wide eyed.

"Oh no... she's catching the night express back to the Badlands. I have to get there before it is too late!" She hastily pulled out her cell phone. "Toriel, it's Muffet. No time to explain, just PLEASE watch the bakery while I am gone, I have to catch Crysalis before she eats the babies!"

Toriel screamed out at the other end. "WHAT?!" But Muffet hung up, rushing out the door for the train, running as fast as she could. Oh if she was too late...


Chrysalis smiled as she sat down on the train, looking at her freshly baked cake. She smiled as she saw how big and tasty it looked, easily a gut busting feast. She sat there in admiration of it, not waiting to eat it just yet as she resealed the box. She looked to her Changeling guards, four in all.

"See to it that nothing happens to that cake, and no one comes in. When I get back from the movie car, have it ready to eat. I want to be before my subjects fat and huggable before the egg laying cycle begins."

"Yes Queen Chrysalis." The four said, saluting. She then handed the four each some action figures.

"And by the way, these are a gift from Frisk and Chara. They are silly little toy ponies, but I do find them... .charming." She smiled sweetly, even for her. "You may use them while on duty so long as nothing happens to the cake."

"Thank you, Your Majesty!" One said, smiling and hugging her. Chryslais loved making others smile, and not just because the love shared as a result was just DELICIOUS, but because of how good I felt besides. She trotted happily to the movie car, a design by Alphys, eager to get back and eat the cake.

Outside the train, stuck to the side window, Muffet stared as Chrysalis walked away, leaving the cake with the four guards. Muffet eeped and in her mind imagined the two babies in a slice.. .suddenly chewed up by Chrysalis. She eeped and gritted her teeth.. .and lost her hold on the train. She fell of onto the sides, eeping.

"NO!!!" She screamed, using her web to stick back on, slowly making her way back onto the train. She gritted her teeth as she made her way onto the outer walkway of the caboose...

Only to be met by a train attendant.

"Ticket please." He said, looking at her with narrow eyes. Muffet fidgeted nervously.

"You don't understand.. .if I don't get aboard, there may be two baby ponies that...."

"You didn't seem to hear me. TICKET. PLEASE." He said, with a spooky look in his eyes. Muffet swallowed and handed him some bits for a ticket to the badlands. He suddenly got all cheerful.

"Thank you! Enjoy your trip!" he said as he trotted off. She sighed and groaned as she went in. The train was full of private rooms, and finding the one she saw had Chrysalis in it was going to be hard.

"EEK! SPIDER! SPIDER!!!!!" Someone said. Muffet went wide eyed. She forgot she was a spider on a train with ponies and not her usual monster friends. And some of them had arachnophobia. Muffet turned and swallowed as she saw a large mare in a big dress.

"Rupert! Sick that spider! RUPERT!!!!!" She called. Muffet shuddered, wondering what Rupert was.... until suddenly she was being attacked by a pet beetle. Muffet sighed and looked down at the beetle who suddenly stopped.

"If I were you, I would either run or climb in my mouth. Your pick."

Rupert swallowed and skittered off. Muffet smiled proudly...until she saw another attendant.

"Did I just hear you threaten a passenger?"

Muffet gulped once before she was thrown off the train.


A bit later, when Muffet had climbed on again, she tried sneaking past phobia mare and pet beetle, looking for the cabin where the cake was. She knew she had to hurry before Chrysalis ate the kids! She walked along, finally opening a door to a cabin...

And finding Lyra and Bon Bon smooching.

"Whoops! Wrong cabin. Sorry." Muffet said, turning away... right into another attendant.

"This isn't your room." The attendant said. Muffet groaned once as she was thrown off yet again, barely hanging on by her web.

Until she slammed into a tree.


Bruised and worn out, Muffet climbed in through a ceiling vent, sighing as she finally relaxed for a moment before heading to find Chrysalis. She opened the door that she thought led back out to the hall...

Only to find it was a bathroom door, and inside was Vinyl Scratch, just finishing up.

"Hey there spider babe. Didn't think your bread was buttered that way." She said, her purple eyes giving a wink.

Muffet groaned. "Only way you would be with me is ON buttered bread." She said.

Vinyl shivered. "Oooh.. .kinky."

Muffet groaned, opening the other door, finding another attendant.

"Oh what did I do wrong now?!" She asked, the attendant tapping a hoof.

"I was about to try and score with her, heartbreaker." The attendant fumed, removing her hat.

"Oh come onnnn-" Muffet whimpered, getting a hoof to the face.


Muffet panted, bruised and worn out, as she sat in the hall outside the cabins. She had to hurry before...

"Mmm-MMM! This cake is SOO good!"

Oh no. Muffet opened the cabin door, finding Chrysalis. Near Chrysalis was a table.

On the table was a big box for cake. and all that was in it was some crumbs... and a little blue bow.

Muffet went wide eyed. She was too late. Chrysalis had eaten the babies! She wiped her lips with a napkin and rubbed her round tummy before seeing Muffet.

"Ahh! Muffet! So nice of you to come, that cake was simply marvelous. What did you put in it this time? Spiders? Ants? Maybe more?"

Muffet whimpered. "I THINK... two fillies. Two... .very.. young.... fillies." She said, tears in her eyes. Chrysalis smiled.

"No wonder it was so good! I must request the cake from you again dear! This was your best yet!"

Muffet whimpered. She was SO…SO…DEAAAAD. She got off the train at the next stop and caught a pegasus to head back to Ponyville. She shuddered at what was going to happen when the cakes got home.

"I let their babies become my cake... and not even by choice! How can I have let this happen?! I am going to lose everything now, I let two little foals get eaten, and not willingly either! I doubt Celestia will be able to RESET them....Oh what will I do?!" She sobbed as she finally arrived back in Ponyville, walking slowly to Sugar Cube Corner. She whimpered as she opened the door...

And found Toriel rocking the two foals to sleep!

"Pound? Pumpkin???????????" Muffet said in total shock. Toriel smiled.

"Muffet, that was awful big of you to admit you are not babysitter material. And hiding the kids in the oven like that! So cute! But I do have to ask... why did you turn them each into little cakes? Were you playing with them some before they got to be too much?"

Muffet gulped. "Yeah... .sort of." She sighed. She knew what to do. She snapped her fingers and had her spiders bring Toriel the big bag of bits she would have been paid for the cake. "Truth is Toriel... I almost let Chrysalis eat them in a cake…and as such I don't deserve the money for it.. .as much as it hurts... I want you to have it." She went to walk away, when the babies began to cry.

Muffet turned and saw them holding out their hooves for her. Muffet blinked.

"But... I almost got you two eaten... and I baked you into cakes.. .and I ran off.... I'm no good to kids..."

They sniffled and stared, Muffet finally taking one and rocking it, Pumpkin, the little unicorn, nomming on her hand happily. It was like one of her own baby spiders.

"Awwwwwww.... you look so cute, Muffet." Toriel said. Muffet smiled some. She made a mental note that from now on kids would come first before business, and if both worked together the result would be simply wonderful. Muffet looked at Toriel, who smiled.

"Say... I could use a sitter for the kids myself. You mind?" She winked as Muffet went wide eyed, imagining accidentally baking the three into gingerbread boys.

"Actually Toriel.... I think I will stick to being a baker than a babysitter. Better ask Pinkie Pie."

The two laughed, as did the two would be snacks. No one noticed the form who had gotten the two out of the cake just in time, Gaster's shadowy form beside him and chuckling at what had unfolded as a result.

It had been quite an interesting night.

Undertales of Friendship: Baby Cakes!
Muffet has a simple job. Looking after Mr. and Mrs. Cake's children. A simple, easy job. 

Unfortunately, while Muffet is VERY good at cooking, she's NOT a good babysitter, much to her chagrin. As bad as Pinkie Pie was! But even PINKIE PIE never actually LOST THE BABIES! (Dramatic music sting!) 

Frisk smiled as he watched Rainbow Dash flying with the Wonderbolts. He remembered hearing how the fastest flyer of all Equestria got on the team, substituting in whenever a Wonderbolt was unable to make it, and even working with other reserve members to make them better pilots. Today the group was preparing for an up and coming air show, where Rainbow Dash would do her sonic rainboom for a massive crowd.

Frisk smiled as he felt like he was getting a private screening of that show, just for him. With everything that had happened lately with Sombra, Error Sans, and the Completionist Anomaly, not to mention Molestia and even Chara, it was nice to just have a moment to breathe. He was hoping today would be a relaxing day for him and all of his friends.

“Alright kiddo, here it comes, the Sonic Rainboooouuuuhhhhhhhh???”

But that was not to be. All the Wonderbolts suddenly scattered as a decent sized jet airliner wearing a bonnet and having a small mouth under the nose of the plane sped by, right through the formation. Frisk was wide eyed as he saw what... or rather who... it was. Tsunderplane, a plane that was rather confused about her emotions. She had confessed her love to Frisk in the underground, then said it was just the IDEA of being in love. Frisk had not minded either way, Tsunderplane was another cool monster to hang out with. Unfortunately, it seemed her admitting that she was not in love with Frisk was actually false. She stopped right in front of him, moving her wings around the boy and hugging him.... then quickly releasing.

“Ummmm... let’s pretend that didn’t happen... not that I don’t like you... and not that I do…it’s just that... that....”

“Hey! Watch where your flying you ugly bird!” Rainbow Dash called from above. Tsunderplane glanced up, fire literally in her eyes as she suddenly sped to Rainbow Dash at Mach One, the force of the sudden movement knocking Frisk over.

“And WHO are YOU, some kind of monster wannabe?”

Rainbow Dash snorted angrily, the other Wonderbolts watching with a mix of interest and worry.

“I am Rainbow Dash, the best flyer in all of Equestria, and you just interrupted the raining run of the Wonderbolts!”

Tsunderplane laughed musically... then went wide eyed. “Hang on... you were giving... Frisk a private show?!”

Rainbow Dash nodded. “Yeah! You got a problem with that?!”

Wrong thing to say. In the next instant, several chainguns appeared on Tsunderplanes wings. What she said next made everyone go wide eyed.

“Your trying to steal my boyfriend you harlot!!!!!”

“WHAT?!” Was all Rainbow Dash got out as Tsunderplane opened fire. Rainbow Dash dodged for her life, as did the other Wonderbolts, as Tsunderplane gave chase to the flyer. It wound up looking like a dogfight as the pony dodged and weaved aroudn the bullets.

“You harlot! You slutty horsethief!” Tsunderplane shouted, Frisk just shaking his head and trying to comprehend what was happening.

“OH GOD, something TERRIBLE is happening again!!” Discord shouted from his realm, trying to lose the suddenblast of pain. “Get me a medic!”

The word medic literally appeared over him, checking him out. “Tsundre...... evil.......”

Rainbow Dash few past Frisk, Tsundreplane eeping and pulling up to avoid the boy, then turning back.

“Sorry asweetie!.. .not that I am your girlfriend... not that I am not... just... she wants to steal you away before I can know! She’s not good enough for you!”

Rainbow Dash turned and finally had enough, poking Tsunderplane on the nose. “Alright you, let’s get a few things straight. First of all, WHO ARE YOU?! Second of all, I AM NOT FRISK’S MAREFRIEND!”

“Well I am Tsunderplane, the best flying monster ever, with class and speed to match. Frisk helped me see that I don’t have to hide my feelings and act all cool, I can admit my love, and show myself to the world. And since then I love him!....I mean I love him as a friend, not as a boyfriend.. .not that it would not be bad... I mean he is handsome ands sweet and soft to hug and... oh man maybe he IS my boyfriend?.. oh if he is I should have given him a present...”

“ENOUGH!” Rainbow Dash said, looking at her. “You’re worse than Pinkie Pie with your rambling sometimes.”

From out of a nearby cloud, Pinkie Pie poked her head. “I resent that, Dashie!” She said, flying off with some of her balloons in typical random Pinkie fashion. Rainbow Dash shook her head and looked at her.

“Look, as far as I know, Frisk does NOT have a girlfriend!”

Tsunderplane blushed, looking to Frisk. “You... you don’t?”

Frisk shook his head, still having spoken a word since this began. As went to say something, Tsunderplane flew in front of him.

“Oh no, my confession ruined your love life!..... not that I care.. I mean I do... oh no Frisk... do I love you or not?! I dunno...” The plane began to cry as Frisk hugged her, the plane blushing for all get out, being overly sensitive. She moaned in delight as she was hugged.

“ACK!!! CALL 911! CALL 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Discord said, the feelings some would get reading that passage making him write in truly terrible pain as Doctor 911 showed up to help stabilize him.

Rainbow Dash flew in front of her and snorted. “Look, don’t you go trying to get all gushy on the kid, you interrupted our air show practice!”

Tsunderplane glared at her. “So... you ARE trying to impress him, aren’t you?!”

Rainbow Dash growled. “Oh for the love of PETE!” Rainbow Dash stared, poking the nose of the place. “Of course I was trying to impress him! I am the best flyer in all of...”

“HARLOT!!!!!” Tsunderplane shouted, pulling out a few bombs. “You boyfriend stealer!!!” She went to fly over Dash for a bomb run when one of the Wonderbolts, Soarin, stopped the plane.

“Hold it! Holllllllllllllllllllllld it!” He shouted, the plane and the pony both staring.

“WHAT?!” They both said.

Soarin looked at them both. “Your both being childish about this! You cannopt settle this with blows, look what your last little outburst did to the area, there are bullets all around!”

Tsunderplane hmmed. “I suppose your right... not that I agree... just that your right on this one is all.” She turned to Rainbow Dash. “We will settle this in a better way, a way that will show everyone how we feel! A race!”

Rainbow Dash smiled evilly. “NOW your talking.”

“Then we agree! We will race tomorrow, and whoever wins becomes Frisk’s girlfriend!”

Dash nodded. “Agreed! Wait.... WHAT?!”

But it was too late, Tsunderplane flew off at Mach 1, knocking Frisk down yet again. Finally he found his voice and shouted out in shock.



Toriel tapped her foot angrily as she looked at Rainbow Dash and Frisk. This whole thing was completely out of control. She glanced over at Asgore, who fiddle dhis fingers nervously.

“SO! Let me get this straight.” Toriel said, trying to keep her cool. “You say Tsunderplane just showed up, confessed her love, then accused Rainbow Dash of trying to steal your love, and now they are racing for your heart?”

“I don’t know how it happened, mom!” Frisk said. “By the time I realized what was going on it was already over. Now they are racing tomorrow!”

She glared at Rainbow Dash. “And you, encouraging Tsunderplane! It’s clear to anyone that she is just an emotional wreck, especially where my son is concerned. And yet you encouraged this?”

“Not intentionally!” Rainbow Dash said. “She interrupted the practice I was having, then tried to turn me into Swiss cheese! Then next thing I know she is challenging me, and you know how I am about challenges.”

“Yes, I KNOW.” Toriel said. She recalled not too long ago Rainbow Dash taking a challenge to hide some Playpony under Luna’s bed. Luna sure gave her a nightmare for that one. Uh... that evil factory....

“But you are going to back out of this one.”

“WHAT?!” Rainbow Dash said. “If I do that I will be the laughingstock of all Equestria! To back out from a PLANE?! Plus Tsunderplane will become Frisk’s marefriend! You really want that?!”

Toriel sighs. “Yet if you win YOU will be.” Toriel hmmed. “Then again.... Frisk could use a steady girl in his life...”

“NOW CUT THAT OUT!” Discord called from a nearby closet. Toriel glanced at him.

“Are you alright Discord? You look pale.” She said, The chaos being came over to Rainbow Dash.

“You listen to me. This whole mess with Tsunderplane shipping Frisk is making me VERY ill, and the idea of YOU shipping him is making that even worse. So you tell me right now.. .why do you want to race?” Discord demanded to know.

“Because I was challenged to, and I never back down from a challenge. Besides if I did we have plane and human romance.”

Discord sighed. “Well that is a relief. So this is not a confession of personal love.”

“You kidding?! Frisk and I are best buds! Love would be weird.”

Frisk chuckled some, hugging Rainbow Dash.

“And besides, She interrupted an air show and nearly shot me! She should be humiliated for that one.”

Discord sighed. “And there went what hope I had for you. I after all interrupted a lot of things, including this story. But you don’t want to do that to me ever. At least, not mostly. Doing something for the wrong reason won’t work.. .will lit Toriel?”

Toriel recalled a certain talent show, nodding in agreement. Discord turned back to Rainbow Dash. “As for Tsunderplane, you might just find she is more than what she seems... if she let’s herself be.”

Rainbow Dash hmmed on that. She wasn’t sure what the game was that Discord was playing here, but his words made sense. Perhaps how she raced tomorrow would say a lot.


Everyone, monster, pony, changeling, and otherwise were present at the race between the fastest pony in Equestria and the flyer of the Underground. Somehow this had become more than a fight over Frisk, but a fight on which side was a superior flyer. Rainbw Dash realized that flying for revenge in such a case would be horrible. So... She decided to visit Tsunderplanes area of training.

She watched as Tsunderplane floated before a mirror, revving her engines, blushing nervously. She was worried sick now.

“Oh Frisk... what will do if I lose?! What will everyone do? If I cannot beat her... Oh what have I done?!” She began to cry. “NO! I cannot give in. Frisk taught me to show my emotions, to let my true self shine. I can DO this.... I CAN do this!”

Rainbow Dash was wide eyed. Tsunderplane was a lot like her it turned out. She had been nervous like this before many an air show. And the worry about if she loses?! Totally relatable. She might have looked weird, but then a lot of monsters did really, and that never made a difference. She had started all this with that insult she told her. She bucked up and walked in.

“Hey... um... sorry to interrupt... but....”

Tsunderplane looked over, blinking.

“I just wanna say... good luck today.”

Tsunderplane blinked. In her mine she wondered what to say, whether to insult or hug her or just plain cry or confess her worry? So many emotions, but finally she said one thing, her tiny mouth smiling.

“You too.”

Keep it simple, Tsundere. Keep it simple. And simple was enough to make Rainbow Dash smile.

“Sorry for what I said before by the way... I didn’t mean it.”

Tsunderplane smiled. “Sorry for interrupting your trials. It’s just... Frisk taught me what love was, then I turned him down, and now I cannot stop thinking about him. I wanna do my best, show him that I care. And no doubt you do too.”

Crap. But... “Yeah, in my own way. Al lwe can do is our best right? But when this is over... you wanna maybe hit up Pony Joes?”

Tsunderplane smiled. “Sure.... not that I like doughnuts or will lose... and not that I don’t either but... .well.... “ She shook her head and smiled. “Let’s just say sure.”

Rainbow Dash nodded and smiled. “Sure.”

The two headed out, side by side, but Tsunderplane snuck a glance at Frisk. He was so cute. She imagined taking him all over the world as her passenger, a private jet flight all for him. It mad eher blush thinking of it.

“I’ll win this for you Frisk. I promise.” She thought to herself. “Let me show you... my DETERMINATION.”

The two went to the starting line, Celestia herself standing ready.

“Alright flyers. The race will go from Ponyville to the Crystal Kingdom and back. The first one to make it back wins. Alphys’ inventions will allow us to watch the whole race so no cheating!”

The two nodded.



Like a shot the two were off, a trail of smoke left by the one, a rainbow left by the other. They smiled as they raced, Ponyville soon left in the dust as the onlookers from Ponyville to the Crystal Empire watched, cheering for either monster or Pegasus or both.

But the two did not listen. This was THEIR race alone. And slowly, Tsudnerplane pulled out ahead.

“Your gonna have to do better than that Rainbow!” Tsunderplane called, accelerating. But Rainbow smiled as she prepared to break the speed barrier. With a sudden flash, she sped on through, making a Sonic Rainboom in her wake, passing Tsunderplane at full speed.

As they neared the halfway point of the race, Rainbow Dash was pulling away, Tsunderplane giving her all. But a thought entered her head. Back in the underground, she was arrogant, keeping to herself, and full of jealousy. Frisk’s love opened her eyes, proved she could be more. She had to win... for him. She gritted her teeth, and accelerated....

And she broke the speed barrier as well, Going at Mach 2. Slowly she was catching up with Rainbow Dash, pouring it on.

Rainbow Dash saw her coming, and was wide eyed in shock. “No... WAY!!” She said, as Tsunderplane passed her right at the Crystal Empire, the blizzard around the kingdom not affecting them. Below, The crystal ponies, Cadence, Shining Armor, and new baby Flurry Heart all cheered Rainbow Dash on. Even as she began to move into second place, Rainbow knew she had to win for them. she had to pour on the speed like never before.

She felt a rainbow engulf her as she went even faster. No pony had ever done this, but Rainbow Dash was about to do the impossible as the rainbow engulfed her, and she got another burst of speed. From behind her, a double rainbow exploded, the force of it knocking over several trees and even damaging some homes.


Tsunderplane watched as Rainbow Dash caught up. Tsunderplane pushed even harder, seeing the faces of the monsters she lived with, her friends and enemies both. They were cheering her on. She had to win, for them!

She sped up even more, as as Rainbow Dash moved beside her, the plane reached her max speed at Mach 3. The two were neck and neck, the explosion of their acceleration trailing behind them. Ahead lay the finish, both focused on the end.

“For the Underground!!!!” Tsudnerplane said, wincing as she felt her insides ready to burst...

“For Equestria!!!” Rainbow Dash said, screaming in pain, unable to hold this speed much longer. But a single thought filled their thoughts. One person who risked it all, who risked his life to be better. Who... saved them all.

“FOR FRISK!!!!!!!!!!!” They screamed as they crossed... .and crashed.

Everyone screamed as the massive explosion engulfed them both the moment they crashed into the ground.


“They will have to be laid up for a few weeks... but they will make it. I never saw a thing like it... it was like they were speed itself... what a race.. and what a finish!” Doctor Hooves said, looking to his patients.

Rainbow Dash was in a full body cast, her one eye in a patch, her whole form hurting. Nearby, Tsunderplane was being repaired, her main chassis damaged, her wings completely off. But both smiled. The race had the best possible outcome, based on the review.

It was a tie. Both had crossed at the exact same time at a speed no one had ever dared to go before, and had almost lost their lives doing so. But it was without regret. Tsunderplane smiled, everyone saying how proud they were of her and RD, and she cried as frisk himself volunteered to be their nurse.

She had done it. She sowed Frisk what she was capable of and, in her own way, won his love.

“Tsunder.... You know, you need a new name, as cool as that was. How about I call you Eagle or something from now on? I mean... that race... anyone who can keep up with me is alright in my books.”

Tsunderplane just cried happily. “My own nickname... The human’s love... a friend to fly with... this is... and here is no denying it.. .the happiest day of my life!” She said, even as her wings were reattached. She “owed” some but never lost her smile, even laughing some.

As for RD, a smile crossed her face as Doctor Hooves gave her the hospital copy of Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone. Tsunderplane hmmed some.

“What’s that?” She asked.

RD smiled. “Just listen in. This is an awesome story about a brave Pegasus.”

Tsunderplane smiled. “an you... read aloud for us?” She asked, Frisk nodding. RD smiled.

“Gladly, guys. I think this may be the start of a wonderful friendship.” She smiled and began to read.

“As Daring Do crossed the tropical jungle...”

The Most Tsundere of Romances
Rainbow Dash and Tsundereplane run into each other one day, and a bit of a misunderstanding leads to an embarrassing clash! All in the name of dearly beloved Frisk. Will Frisk notice them, senpai? 
Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes, everyone. I had a good time with my family at the casino this weekend. Got 200 bucks! Pretty good haul. If you live in CT, I recommend Mohegan Sun's "Wheel of Fortune" slots. They have the tendency to give out the most frequent payouts. But don't do the nickel slots. I've done the research. You're less likely to get your money back from those.
Solomon's Curse
:iconconnordavidson: did a wonderful story commission for me for my birthday, and I thought I'd share this great story with all of you! A sweet, yet sad, tragic story featuring my character Solomon, the Were-Spider. Solomon tries very hard to keep his monthly transformations in check, and to ensure he has some type of food for when he DOES transform. But managing that, and trying to live life as a skilled tailor is tricky. Especially when he's been getting closer and closer to a lovely human woman...who doesn't yet know his awful cursed existence. 
Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes, everyone. I had a good time with my family at the casino this weekend. Got 200 bucks! Pretty good haul. If you live in CT, I recommend Mohegan Sun's "Wheel of Fortune" slots. They have the tendency to give out the most frequent payouts. But don't do the nickel slots. I've done the research. You're less likely to get your money back from those.


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